Risk Disclosure

Risk Disclosure

Last Updated: 23/12/2023


This Risk Disclosure statement provides information about the risks associated with the trading strategies and technical indicators offered through AlgoStorm.com. It is important to read and understand this document before using our services.

General Risks

  • Market Risk: The value of investments can go up and down due to market conditions.
  • Leverage Risk: Trading on margin can result in losses that exceed your initial investment.
  • No Guarantee of Profit: There is no guarantee that you will profit from your investments.
  • Rapid Market Changes: Markets can change rapidly, and past performance is not indicative of future results.

Specific Risks Related to Our Services

  • Educational Material: Our trading courses are for educational purposes only and do not constitute financial advice.
  • Technical Indicators: Indicators are tools to assist in decision-making and are not foolproof.
  • Third-Party Links: Any links to third-party websites are provided for convenience and do not constitute an endorsement.

Acknowledgement of Risks

By using the services of AlgoStorm.com, you acknowledge that trading involves significant risk and that you are willing to accept the responsibility for these risks.

Limitation of Liability

AlgoStorm.com and its employees shall not be liable for any losses arising from your use of our services.

Governing Law

This Risk Disclosure is governed by the laws of [Your Country/State].

Contact Us

For any questions regarding this Risk Disclosure, please contact us at: https://algostorm.com/contact.