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AlgoStorm VWAP Trading System

AlgoStorm VWAP Trading System: This indicator is our signature method for scalping and trading. It is very powerful when combined with active price action analysis. It is a proven to work strategy that is centered around the VWAP and VWAP Waves.


VWAP Trading System

AlgoStorm Technical Panel

AlgoStorm Technical Panel: This indicator allows you to check multiple technical indicators and oscillators at once from one neat panel. It includes trend, momentum, volatility, volume indicators.

Technical Panel

AlgoStorm 8 MTF Moving Averages

AlgoStorm 8 MTF Moving Averages: Your ultimate moving averages indicator is here! It allows you to specify the type of moving average (SMA, EMA, VWMA, HMA, JMA) along with its source and resolution. It makes it perfect to view multiple moving averages across different time frames from the same view port. It supports up to 8 moving averages per instance.

8 MTF Moving Averages

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AlgoStorm Moving Averages Cloud

AlgoStorm Moving Averages Cloud: This is a combination of 6 moving averages that form a cloud. The cloud colors up depending on the trend. You have full customization options with the ability to choose your desired moving average type. It currently supports EMA, VWMA, and JMA.

MA Cloud

AlgoStorm MTF Moving Averages Crossover

AlgoStorm MTF Moving Averages Crossover: This indicator allows you to execute your crossover strategy with moving averages with ease. It has options to specify the resolution, source, and the type of moving average. It supports (SMA, EMA, VWMA, HMA, JMA). It also comes with alerts and crossover visual signals.

MTF Moving Averages Crossover

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AlgoStorm Divergence Finder

AlgoStorm Divergence Finder: This indicator detects regular and hidden divergences across many oscillators. Including: MACD, RSI, Stochastic, CCI, OBV, CMF, MFI.

Divergence Finder

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AlgoStorm Volume Divergence Detector

AlgoStorm Volume Divergence Detector: This indicator detects divergences in volume which would massively aid traders in their technical analysis and price prediction.

Volume Divergence Detector

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AlgoStorm Money Flow Index (MFI)

AlgoStorm MFI: This is a fancy version of the traditional Money Flow Index (MFI) indicator. It colors the line depending on the reading and it paints the overbought and oversold regions clearly for fast assessment. It also detects divergences automatically for you and displays the Bollinger Bands of the MFI.

Money Flow Index (MFI)

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AlgoStorm V-MACD

AlgoStorm V-MACD: This is a fancy version of the traditional MACD indicator. It colors the crossovers depending on your strategy (trend continuation or reversal). It also comes with alerts and provides options to use VWMA instead of EMA. You can also enable the Volume-Weighted MACD from the settings instead of the traditional MACD.

Volume-Weighted MACD

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AlgoStorm JMA Channel

AlgoStorm JMA Channel: This indicator uses the same equation as Keltner channel but instead of using EMAs for its calculation, it uses a customized JMA. It helps in identifying potential breakouts.

JMA Channel

AlgoStorm Low Volatility Detector

AlgoStorm Low Volatility Detector: This indicator allows you to detect low volatility times so you can anticipate and analyze possible big movements after such a period.

Low Volatility Detector

AlgoStorm Market Power

AlgoStorm Market Power: It takes volume and price into consideration to gauge the supply and demand levels then it assigns a score to these levels in a visual presentation. It helps in confirming trends or potential reversals.

Market Power

AlgoStorm Central Pivot Range

AlgoStorm Central Pivot Range: It identifies key price points and used in day trading. It displays 3 levels; the central pivot point (pivot), top central level (TC), and bottom central level (BC).

Central Pivot Range (CPR)

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