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Welcome to AI Trading Strategy Creator, an innovative service empowered by the advanced capabilities of AlgoTrade-GPT. AlgoTrade-GPT is a custom-trained version of ChatGPT, specifically developed with materials from the AlgoStorm Trading Academy and other vital resources to enhance trading strategy development. Tailored for traders at every level, this service offers custom, AI-generated trading strategies that align seamlessly with your unique trading preferences and objectives.

Our process is streamlined into three key steps:

  • Step 1: Gathering your personalized inputs such as experience level, indicators, trading pairs, timeframe, and style.

  • Step 2: Utilizing AlgoTrade-GPT to transform these inputs into practical, innovative trading strategies. Our expert team leverages this specialized AI to ensure strategies are cutting-edge and effective.

  • Step 3: Rigorous testing and verification, including a live backtesting demonstration to exhibit your strategy's performance in real-time market conditions.

Embrace a new era of personalized, data-driven trading with the AI Trading Strategy Generator, enhanced by the innovative AlgoTrade-GPT.

Strategy Features

Customized AI Strategy

Tailored to match your trading style and goals

Data-Driven Insights

AI-powered analysis for superior market predictions

Expert Validated

Rigorously tested for reliability and effectiveness

Live Strategy Testing

Transparent demonstrations of strategy performance

Affordable Excellence

High-quality strategies at an accessible price

Dedicated Support

Assistance for all your strategy queries

How It Works?

  • Initial Setup: Once you place your order, you'll be prompted to fill out a detailed form. This step is crucial for us to understand your trading preferences and goals.

  • AI-Driven Strategy Development: Leveraging your input, our team employs AlgoTrade-GPT (a custom trained version of ChatGPT-4) to meticulously craft a custom-tailored trading strategy. We utilize highly refined prompts to ensure the strategy is aligned with your specific needs.

  • Expert Enhancement and Testing: The AI-generated strategy serves as a foundation, which our expert traders then meticulously review and enhance as needed. We transform this into a comprehensive trading plan, followed by rigorous backtesting to validate its effectiveness.


  • Comprehensive Trading Plan: You will receive a detailed plan encompassing the strategy and guidelines on how to implement it effectively in your trading activities.

  • Backtesting Video: To demonstrate the strategy's performance, you will also receive a recorded video of the backtesting process, providing insight into its real-world applicability.

Note: The turnaround time for this service is 10 working days.